Ceramica in Archeologia / Pottery in Archeology


Dear Fautores, dear Colleagues, I’m pleased to report you the largest community on the web (more than 6300 members to date) about ceramology, the Facebook Group CERAMICA IN ARCHEOLOGIA/ POTTERY IN ARCHEOLOGY, in which I linked this blog. I wait for you with your contributions. Click HERE to enter.

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Massimo Brando
Posted by: Massimo Brando
* 1965 in La Spezia and living and working in Rome. He has been working as a freelance collaborator of the Soprintedendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma for the last 20 years, directing urban, multi-phased excavations in Rome.
Specialist in Roman pottery (and Fautor since 2009), especially for lamps, African red slip ware and terra sigillata italica.
He founded the Facebook group, Ceramica in Archeologia /Pottery in Archaeology, the largest archaeological community on the web.
Since 2013 he's in charge of the study of the pottery recovered during the excavations in Scoglietto, Spolverino and Umbro by the Alberese Archaeological Project


  1. Comment of the Administrator.
    Mr. Brando wrote me today: The Group is closed, so you need to enter (to Facebook), to see the contents. In my Group, on the contrary, the contents of the Blog are visible by all the members (between them a lot of Fautores). I’ve to think a way to share the contents, but for the moment the only way is to enter in.

  2. Yes, I confirm. For the moment the only way to access the Group is to become a member, unfortunately. But it’s a great community, whose members are other Fautores, too. A community whose work is now also acknowledged in a good number of academic works.
    If you have time (and desire…) ,in this video of a my lecture at the University of Siena you can know something about the history of the Group


    Thank you for your attention

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